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The Sikes / Sykes Families Association
was formed August 10, 1991, at a meeting in Suffield, CT. to benefit anyone with an interest in the surnames Sikes or Sykes. 

Twenty-one people gathered for the purpose of establishing a family organization.  Most of the organizers were direct descendants of  Richard Sikes and his wife, Phebe of first Roxbury and later Springfield, MA.    Richard was born ca 1600, England; and died 16 Mar 1676, Springfield, MA.

The Association operates under Bylaws adopted in 1993 and revised at the 2004 Regular Meeting of the Association.

A long range goal is to include information on the genealogy and family history of the descendants of Richard and Phebe within these pages.  Many of our members are avid genealogist who are seeking additional data and who want to meet new cousins.  

To accommodate Sikes and Sykes families who are not descendants of Richard and Phebe, we are including information for Southern Lineages, and will soon be expanding to add Pennsylvania and New Jersey data as well as some from England.

All are welcome here, and we hope you will give serious consideration to becoming a member of this Association.  Please see the links to more of our pages below.


as stated in the Bylaws.

The purpose of the Sikes / Sykes Families Association shall be to encourage members to work together in securing and preserving for posterity, historical and genealogical data pertaining to these families. 

One of our goals is to continue our growth through the discovery of new found cousins. We encourage those of you who have any interest in our surnames to contact us. It is always fun to meet someone new and discover you have a common interest -- an you wouldn't be reading these pages if you were not interested in some aspect of genealogy and family.

Any person who desires to become a part of the Association will certainly be welcomed. We are a non-profit group of fun loving ancestor hunters. We have a lot to share and are waiting to share it with you.  


President:  Edward W. Chase, 32 Abraham Terrace, Suffield, CT  06078-2167
Recording Secretary:
Patricia Lennox, 23137 Barnsley Lane, Parker, CO  80138
Otis Sikes, 12325 Deerbrook Trail, Austin, TX, 78750-1059
Registrar and Webmaster: 
Diane Scannell, 506 Bosque Vista, San Antonio, TX 78258-3245
Editor:  Maggie Philippon 15955 West Whitton Avenue, Goodyear, AZ 85395
Association Genealogist:
Arthur M. Sikes, Jr., 1175 River Blvd., Suffield, CT  06078-1416


Several good books on surname origins describe our name as being associated with water.  One of these is Dictionary of English & Welch Surnames with Special American Instances by Vardsley and published by the Genealogical Publishing Company, London and Baltimore, 1901/1967.  The definition in this book reads as follows:

SYKES, SIKES:  Local "at the syke" from residence beside a sike, i.e., a stream.  One of the greatest of Yorkshire surnames.  It has remified in a marvellous manner.  "Sike, a gutter, a stream.  North England" (Halliwell)

Sykes is almost the invariable dress; cf. Dykes for Dikes.

The suffix   -s  is the genitive form, as in Jones, Brooks, Holmes, Williams, etc., meaning Sykes' son.

Sometimes it may mean residence beside two streams; then Sykes is plural.
In his book, Richard Sikes and His Descendants, the First Seven Generations, Art Sikes, Jr.  writes, "The name Sykes or Sikes is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word interpreted as "sulcus aquarius", a water-course, or a water-furrow, or a small rill without sand or gravel running out of a quagmire."  A portion of this book has been posted on our web site.


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