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Descendants of Thomas Sykes
Updated 15 Apr 2015

Descendants of Thomas Sykes
of Honley, West Riding, Yorkshire

prepared by Laurence
D. Sykes   

Thomas Sykes, b. __ Mar 1782, married on 02 Aug 1812 at Allmondbury All Hallows Church, Jane Mite, b. ca 1772.  Jane was then the widow of John Morton.  Resident of Honley until at least 1822.  Employed as a clothier.            

Known children:
      1.  John Sykes, b. 10 Dec 1813, Honley, baptised 14 Jan 1814, Honley Chapel.  
   Resident of  Dukinfield, Cheshire (Stalybridge) 1841 thru 1881. Employed as A cotton sizer.

                          m1. Hannah Bottomley at Saddleworth, Yorkshire on 17 Apr 1836.
                                A.    Sarah Sykes,1837
                                B.    Columbus Sykes, Mar 1839 JUN 1910. Employed as a Cotton spinner.
He Married  Elizabeth Emma Wooley   in Stockport, Cheshire, Sept, 1859.
                                        1.  Elisabeth Sykes, 1859
                                        2.  Sarah Ann Sykes, 1869.
                               C.    William Sykes, Mar 1841
                               D.    Elizabeth Sykes, 1847
                               E.    John Thomas Sykes, 21 Sep 1854
                         m2. Betty Hurst (a widow, b. 1812; d. 5 Jan 1864) married at Ashton-under-Lyne on 9 Dec 1855.

                         m3. Lexy Rose (B. 1831) married at Ashton-under-Lyne on 21Feb 1866.
                                A.    William Sykes, 1866
                                B.    Eliza Ann, 1868
                                C.    Annie, 1870
    2.  Joseph Sykes  b. 15 Nov 1815, Honley, baptised 3 Dec 1815. No further history.

3.  George Sykes, b. 1822 in Honley, baptised 17 Mar 1822 at Almondbury.
                         Resident of Dukinfield, Cheshire from before 1851 to 1884. Employed as a cotton power loom operator.
 Married Elizabeth "Betty" Walker (b. Apr 1824) at Ahston-u-Lyne on 14 Feb 1848. They emigrated
to U.S., arriving at Philadelphia on 17 May 1884 to help raise the children of their widowed son John Sykes (see below).
Three of their eight children survived to adulthood. They are:
                          Martha Ann Sykes, 31 Jan 1849. Married Edward Tipping
                          14 Jun 1867 at Ashton-u-Lyne.  
  Their children:
        Sarah Jane Tipping, 1860
                                Richard Tipping, 1875
Marie Tipping, 1877
Edward Tipping, Jr., 1880.
                          Lavina Ann Sykes, 16 Sep 1856, Married Thomas Cureden
                          On 3 May 1875 at Ashton-u-Lyne on 3 May 1875.
  Their children:
                          Lavina Ann Cureden, 1878
  Bertha Cureden, 1880
  Annie Cureden, 1883
  Thomas Cureden, 1886
  Lillian Cureden, 1888
  James Cureden, 1892.
                          John Sykes, 13 Feb 1853, employed as a coal miner, resident of
                          Dukinfield until 1882. Emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA area via Montreal.
                          Married Ann Lees (b. 9 Jan 1855; dau. Of Matthew Lees and Eliaz-
                          Beth Johnson) in Ashton-u-Lyne on 24 Mar 1873. Ann Lees Sykes
                          died  in June 1883 near Pittsburgh, PA.
  Their children:
Joseph Hayes Sykes, 1853, born in Dukinfield
George Sykes, 19 Apr 1877, born in Dukinfield
John Sykes, 3 Jan 1879, born in Dukinfield
Elizabeth Ann Sykes, 8 Jan 1881, born in Dukinfield
Clara Sykes, 31 Oct 1882, born in Montreal, Canada

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