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Chair Photos - Page 12

updated 07 March 2011

We enjoy hearing from you and sharing with you the interesting pieces that were built by The Sikes Chair Company.

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I recently bought at an auction a "Stool" which has the Sikes label.   I got on the web site to see what it was before refinishing as I didn't want to do anything to hurt the value.   My stool looks like it might have been a bedroom, possibly vanity stool.  It has small wing pieces on each end of the stool.   It was painted an antique gold/yellow color.  It is a colonial mustard type paint color.  Is this original?  I don't see any painted furntiure on the site.  Does this mean it was already probably painted once so I wont be hurting anything further?  It looks like it was originally a cained seat.  I was needlepointing a seat cover to put on it.

I am attatching pictures.   I will be watching the web to see if anyone has any information on it.

Carol Morningstar

In cleaning out my husband's cabinet shop in Titusville, PA, we discovered an old office chair.  We found the sykes (sic) seal and a metal serial # plate.  Would anyone know of the value of this chair and if anyone is looking to purchase this chair? It is a bit worn, need refinishing but works great. If anyone would like to contact me, please contact via
Vicki Clark

Readers, please note the tag in the lower right corner of this image is an inventory tag applied to the chair by a purchaser.  It is not original to the Sikes chair.      

I recently acquired 2 Sikes benches through a friend who was going to throw them out!

Both have the blue label under the seats that read:  The Sikes Company, Inc. Model 700444, Finish BS.
I'm trying to find information on value of these items. Both are in great condition and very sturdy. Anyone with more information on these would be appreciated.  I can be contacted at:
Val Reed

We found this chair and were hoping to get some information about it. We just happened across it in an alley while walking our dogs. We also collected a couple of rocking chairs. It's a neat chair and I am using it as a desk chair. We would love it if you posted our picture on your site. I am very interested to see if it would generate any information.We hope maybe you can help. Thank you very much. Paul and Lynne

Clara Belle writes,   "I just wanted to say that my parents found this old rocking chair in the house they bought with a sticker that says sikes chair company buffalo branch 1458B."

I have the exact rocking chair on page 9 with the scrolling on it.   It does have the sikes label underneath the seat, out of Boston.  It’s a beautiful, sturdy, comfortable chair that was given to me by my father who passed away years ago.  He would be over 100 years old if he was still alive today.  All I see is a number 1 then the number after the one is worn off.

Hi, I picked up one of your beautiful chairs at a yard sale.
I just love it, and want to know more about it's history. I would appreciate anything you can tell me about it. I have attached photos
Joann & Cliff from Long Island NY.

Note the bar across the back has the name SIKES spelled out in capital letters.  This is the first chair we have seen with this feature.

I recently purchased a oak halltree whose sticker says "The Sikes Company, Phila. Branch, Philadelphia, Pa."   I was quite excited because it is of good quality, well designed, simple to disassemble and very stable.  It is the Arts and Crafts styling.  It will end up in my daughter's house. She has Stickley oak furniture and it should blend nicely.  My deceased husband grew up in Philadelphia and likely could have told me more.    Janet Jackson

Hello,  I am in the office furniture business and I just received an old desk and it has a manufacturers brand as Sikes Buffalo NY and we were curious as if it is from the 20’s or 30’s and if it is a desk we should re-finish or leave alone (to keep it all original) any information you can give us would be greatly appreciated.  The desk is 40" x 72" and 31" high.  

Thanks, Kelly O'Shea


We have acquired two Sikes Chairs the end of July from a small antique shop north of Buffalo, New York. The one chair has a partial Sikes label stating Buffalo, New York and the other has the number 7452 on it. We happened to stop this past Sunday in an antique shop in Lockport, New York and found a rocking chair similar in style to the two chairs. After getting it home we noticed the number on the rocking chair was 7450. We love the three pieces and enclosed photos.  We are now in search of a settee of similar style. If anyone has information on them please feel free to contact us.
Thomas Korn & Mark Lynch
Youngstown, New York
email : (Thomas)

I found an old office chair chewed up, literally, at the dump where I live. Saved the hardware and revitalized.  

Then to stumble upon your site. Would love to have any old hardware I can get my hands on. Don't make 'em like this anymore.

May the Sikes chair live on( mine will!).

Brad Fair 
Stephen Swift Furniture,  Nantucket, MA


Thank you for having this website.  

I purchased this secretary chair for $20 on Dec. 7, 2008 at an antique shop in Andover, NJ. It looks very similar to a chair on your website’s “Chair Photos Page 1”

While the chair hardware is stamped “THE SIKES CO PA”, and the number “375”, the chair itself has a label on the bottom of the seat which reads: “WM. SCHWARZWAELDER & CO NEW YORK CITY – FACTORY CHICHESTER N.Y. – BANK STORE & OFFICE FIXTUES AND COMMERCIAL FURNITURE”

From the information on your site, I am assuming that this chair was made sometime between 1904 and 1916 while “THE SIKES CO. was located in Philadelphia. I am also assuming that THE SIKES CO. was selling its hardware to this other furniture company. If any visitors to your site have any additional information about this chair or the other furniture company, they can email me at


I need some help in finding a repacement coil spring for a Sikes chair as pictured on your web site concerning a note from Brian Morris of Pensacola , FL.  I have the same style "bankers" chair and I need a repacement coil spring to put the chair back in service.  I have had this chair for many years after obtaining it from a local bank at a sale of used furniture.  This chair is a good example of what we either don't make in this country any more or if we do, most of us can't afford the price.  It is a beautiful example of great workmanship.  If you have any idea where I might obtain such a spring, I would be most appreciative.  Best regards, Richard C. Bremer
Readers -- any help here?

My cousin just gave me a Sikes bench with 2 rounded connected backings. It  looks like the Finish reads - BS  and the pattern # is 7004/4 Could you please tell me any information on this bench? When was it made? What would it be worth today?   Karen  

Karen, we don't have any information on manufacture date or value -- as we state repeatedly on the web site -- but within days of receiving your email, we received the note and photos of two benches shown above.  Some time earlier another bench and chair were also submitted and appear on Page 10.

i`ll get right to the point. the -rocking chair i have is much older than i have seen in the display of the pictures that people emailed to the "sikes web site"-  i have been involved with antique furniture for many years. i do repair and finishing on all types of piece   The rocker in my in my shop is definitely colonial period. The lable states "Sikes Chair Company Buffalo Branch Buffalo N.Y. 1710." It could be possible that 1710 maybe the year it was made. The 1710 is altogether different from what i saw in the emails. This appears that the numbers are stamped in ink. The rocker was made much early than what i saw on website. THANK YOU==THE RAINMAN==   James Cummings

Readers, as noted on the first page of this furniture section, the folks at Kovels state the Sikes company did produce many reproductions of early styles of furniture. We are not experts and having never seen any of the rocking chairs in question, we can not put an age on them -- except to repeat that the company was founded in 1859. We therefore believe no furniture could possibly have been made and labeled "Sikes Chair Company" prior to that date.
Hello.  My name is Brian Ellis and I was just given a Sikes swivel office chair. It has a Buffalo tag and a union made tag stapled over it. It is an original chair bought by the Hraford County Public School System in Hraford County Maryland as far as I know. It is an awesome chair and is very comfortable. I would like to know more about this chair and its history.

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