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updated 24 April 2011

We enjoy hearing from you and sharing with you the interesting pieces that were built by The Sikes Chair Company.

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Jan 17 2010 
Can you tell me anything about this set.

January 24, 2010
  Let me start by thanking you for your great website, I
found it while researching my SIKES small office chair
that I have had over 20 years. I came across my chair
while living in Stockton ca. and brought it to New Mexico
when I moved here in 1991. I bought my SIKES chair not
only for it's superior craftsmanship but it's unique size. I
had just refinished a childs kneehole desk that I had rescued
on its way to the dump after being thrown out a 2nd story window of a house that was being torn down. This chair
fit the small kneehole desk. I still haven't gotten around to refinishing my SIKES chair which it needs in order to get
rid of the awful salmon color that partially adorns it . The model No. is "375S" which I found embossed on the back side of the iron piece that the back is attached to. Also embossed on this piece the word SIKES which is visable at a glance where the number "375S" is not. Upon reading your website I was able to determine the approx. date of manufacture that is between 1904 & 1916 since embossed on one of the handwheels is "THE SIKES CO PA." PA."                    
    Pictured  on your website there is a model "375" secretarys chair that is simular to the "375S".  I sent along some photos of which one is the model "375S" along side a regular size office chair for comparison. My question is; does the letter "S" depict student as it is too small for most secretaries. If any one has further information pertaining to my SIKES model "375S" please contact me at  or (575-442-6810)          
Thanks, Marty Campbell

Feb 11, 2010
Hello - I was doing a little research on the internet about my Sikes chair and found your nice website.  I have had the chair for about 15 years and purchased it at an antique store in Canonsburg, PA for I think $10.00.  I believe it is a bankers chair.  I have always liked it and it is interspersed with new furniture in my living room.

Attached are 2 photos of it.  As you can see, the original sticker is still affixed to the bottom.

Nancy Koch

March 3, 2010
This desk was in my grandfather's study in his house on Reynolds St in Kingston, PA.
Size:   5' 6"  X 32" –  glass top


(before)    (after)

21 March 2010

I only found that this chair is your company because the steel has Sykes etched in it.  I am still re-assembling it after re-finishing it.  I have to move the hinges because two screws have broken off due to pressure.  I hope you like it.  I see something like it saying his is around 1915.  Mine looks a little bit of an older style- I wonder what time.  I also don't have that circular logo on the wood anywhere- just Sykes on the steel around the swivel bottom. 

I have been told it is English Oak.  It was stained a dark dirty brown.  I tried to sand it down to the original wood and put a clear finish on it.  I don't know what piping to put around it- but I will figure something out.  I love it-  I only wish there was some sort of foot rest around here for me- dangling feet leave a person restless.  It is gorgeous though.

Found it at an antique market in Decatur, GA in that bad condition.  A friend of mine did some woodwork.  I did the finish.  I am glad you have a site. 

Thanks, Hadley Breckenridge, Atlanta, GA 30308

04 10 2010
My name is Frank.  I live in Ocean City, New Jersey.  I rescued this chair from a thrift shop for $3.00.   I have never restored anything but I thought this chair was solid enough for a try.

Well, after many hours of sanding and many coats of polyeurathane...  here it is!!!  I will keep it forever.  Actually, I think it will outlive me!
Frank DiEnna, Ocean City, NJ


I aquired four chairs which were from my great-grandmothers' one and only dining room set which was purchased in the very early 1900's shortly after her marriage. These pictures are after a restoration was recently completed.

05 08 2010
I have two identical Sikes chairs (photos attached) I would like to sell.  They are in excellent
condition, I believe the original finish because I've had them for some time and the original label
is on the bottom of each. I don't know  their value, and I'm not sure how to go about selling them.
Do you or your web site help with that sort of thing?
Thank you.
Ronnie James

We are just a collection point for information about the Sikes company.  I have seen many Sikes items on e-bay, that might be a place to put them to be sold.

Thank you for your reply. Are you able to date the chair at all from the photo of the label?

Loved your web site, I had no idea my chairs were in such good company.  Am rethinking selling them.
Ronnie James

The label has "The Sikes Comp......", before 1933 it was the Sikes Chair Co. after that it was just "The Sikes Company" and it went out of business in about 1935-36.  So I would say that it was made 1933-1935.

 June 7, 2010
I picked these Sikes chairs out of a barn in Rosebud, Missouri.  They were stacked up like twigs, so I cleaned them up with Howard's Feed N'Wax and look at them now!  The sticker on the bottom reads: Sikes Chair Company, Buffalo Branch, Buffalo NY.  They are numbered 248 next to the Buffalo Branch stamp.  Any info you could share would be wonderfully appreciated.

I love them.  Thanks for your site, and please keep hunting for more Sikes Chairs!!!  It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on to how beautiful they are, especially around my table.

all the best - Matt Ebert -- American Picker

June 30, 2010
My daughter is moving and has a two piece ‘governor winthrop’ sikes desk and need to sell it.    It belonged to her grandmother who purchased it in Buffalo in the l950s.  Could you suggest a fair price to advertise it for.  We are not looking to make money here, only not to let some “dealer” steal it from her.  Thank you  Janet Chilelli, Hamburg, NY



I stumbled on your site when I found my chair sitting outside in someone's trash.  I saw the stamp and wanted to find out more about it. Thank you very much for compiling the information.

When I found the chair the seat was cracked right along the seams so I had it re-glued and reinforced and it came out great.  The chair is a bit worn but otherwise in pretty good shape.  It is now my office chair and I will never sell it because I absolutely love it!

If anyone knows how to keep the back from reclining all the way back I would love to know because that is the only thing I don't like about it.

Sharon Murphy  Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Note:  The metal tag shown in the lower right corner of the picture may be an inventory tag added by whoever originally purchased this chair.  It is not a Sikes number.

September 2, 2010
My wife and I purchased four of these chairs a couple of years ago at a flea market on the North
shore of Massachusetts.  I googled the name for information on them and came up with your
website.  They are solidly build chairs, I can't believe they are as old as they are and have held up
as well as they have.  Brett

Note:  the label reading

Pacific Desk Company
was added by the distributor
of this item, as Mr. Cann noted.

September 29, 2010
Find attached photo's of either a Sike's hat rack or embrella holder that I recently acquired from my grandmother. I am not part of the Sikes family. The hooks at the top are original but the lower two are not. The label "Pacific Desk Company" is at the lower portion of the pole and is probably the retailer that sold it. The Sikes label was found underneath the foot of the stand. I have no idea the age of it or where my family member acquired it.

Gary W. Cann, Santa Maria, Ca. 93455 

I have been going to send a picture of this chair in for some time.  I really do not know the history, except that it was sold to Wyoming County, NY for one of their offices.  It was auctioned off many years ago and my husband purchased it.  We would like to know how old it is.  Thank you.

Barbara Miller

Oct 30 2010
I just wanted to list a table I bought yesterday in San Diego at an auction for $5.  I was planning on refinishing her and selling her for whatever I could eventually get.  She was really beat up and had white paint splattered on her.  It took steel wool to get it off and the more I look, the more I fall in love with this table.  I would never sell her.  I haven't started really refinishing yet.  Here are the pictures.

Allison Callahan

December 7, 2010
I was quite excited to come across your website. I've been trying to find out which Sikes chair I own for months.  I'm an artist. One day my wife brought home a chair from a neighborhood yard sale. She paid $5.  At first, I wasn't very excited about it.

But, months later, I looked at this very simple, 'common looking' chair and thought that it might be interesting to begin photographing this single chair in different settings and circumstances.

I've been doing this, now, for the past couple of years... and plan to continue with this wonderful, worthless pursuit.  The more I photographed this single chair, the more intrigued I became with it.  The reason I love it so much is because, to me, when I think of the idea of 'chair,' I visualize
THIS chair. No other.  It's the icon for 'chair' to my mind. It's pure. Simple. Uncomplicated and, well, downright beautiful in its honesty.

Although the photos I've attached to this email are straight-forward, for informational purposes, one can view the other images of the chair at this link...

The photos attached show (1) the chair itself, (2) the logo label found at the back of the seat, (3) the piece of sticker left on the bottom of the seat, placing its manufacture in Philadelphia, and (4) the stenciled identifier of the finish used.

I would LOVE to know the year it was produced and the model number or name of this model... because I've not seen an image or mention of this particular chair ANYWHERE else on the internet.

Any information about it would be greatly, deeply appreciated.  Thanks for everything.

Jerry King Musser
Columbia, Pennsylvania

Photo unavailable at this time. 

Here is a photo of the dinning set. Sorry it's a bad pictures and not in color. It is a beautiful dark wood.  I am in Jacksonville, Fl.  I was told to insure it for $500.00. I think it is worth more than that, it has a very elegant design.  Hope you can give me some info.

Trish Smith

March 14, 2010
I just purchased a solid cherry dining set made by the Sikes company. The table has some cosmetic damage to the finish which has not penetrated to the wood, it appears to be moisture damage. Can anyone tell me what kind of finish this table is likely to have (i.e., wax, varnish, etc.)?
Sue Keroack, Mumford, NY

July 13, 2010
Hi,Cliff here, we have and have listed on E-bay ,an antique field cradle ,that reads" manufactured for the E Sikes co, Buffalo N.Y.,oct 7 ,date worn off" Wondering if you have any history or ideas what year this is? thanks

August 30, 2010
A business in Minneapolis,MN had been forced to close,they threw out a lot of stuff,one item that caught my attention was a beat up wooden swivel chair,it had been raining ,I pulled OlBlue to the curb and threw the battered chair into the truck,it is now in GreenBayWi,i am sitting in/on it and it is still the most comfortible chair i have ever sat in.Have know clue of the age and could care less.

I found this e-mail address on the Sikes Furniture appreciation webpage. I am trying to date a very large, 6 foot by 40 inch walnut executive Sikes desk. The site is very informative, but does not tell much about furniture and neglects to tell when the company went out of business.  I would greatly appreciate any information you could provide.  Thanks for your time!


Matt, we now have a brief chronology , or timeline, for the Sikes furniture companies showing their different names in different years.  The reason you did not find a date the company went out of business is simply that we didn't / don't know an exact date.  We can now estimate that is might have been after 1955 or 1956 as several people have written to tell us of their furniture purchases in those years.  It is a puzzle.

I came upon your website while searching for information regarding my grandparent's dining room table. This set consisting of a table 5 leaves and 2 chairs was purchased between 1955-1960 at a store called Cottage Beautiful in Paramus NJ. The imprint under the table reads: Sikes Buffalo est 1859 9151. The imprint under the chairs reads: pattern 900, wood C, finish MT. We are moving and are trying to disassemble the table in order to keep it safe and unharmed during the transition. Could you provide me instructions for removing the table top safely? If necessary I can send you pictures of the table. Please advise!
Thanks so much,  Dina MacKeigan

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