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Chair Photos - Page 2

updated 07 March 2011

We enjoy hearing from you and sharing with you the interesting pieces that were built by The Sikes Chair Company.

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Captain's chair with detail of
wood  work and label
submitted by  Joseph ______.

Another style of
Captain's chair from Joseph.

This dining table was submitted
by Cynthia Wolf.
She believes the chairs to be Sikes,
but isn't sure about the table.

Branding Iron mark under
the paper label as described
by Jim Cameron in a note below.

Tina Myers wrote:  "I found
this chair while we were
on holidays.  I fell in love
with it."

This Piano Chair was offered
for auction on E-Bay.
Dimensions were given as 16"
wide by 15" deep and 31 " high.
Mahogany with the Sikes
company Philadelphia label.

Eileen Carson sent in her
photos of this swivel back
office chair from the Buffalo factory. 
The label says it
is Model X131 with an
oil finish and a union tag is
also stapled under the seat.
She has owned the chair for
30 years.

Lyn Pikula found her Sikes
chair in a thrift store in
California.  The tag reads:
Pattern 56 (or 76) and the
wood is Walnut.

Craig Peringer sent this picture of a
desk chair from the Philadelphia
branch.  The underside of the metal
seat frame is stamped:
"Pat Dec 20, 1887
May 1, 1888."

Linda Gable purchased 5
dining  chairs and one
captain's chair in an antique
store in British Columbia, Canada
 in 1995. 
She commented the label is unreadable.

James Parrish contributed pictures
of a Sikes Rocker
Model #130.  Note the
inlay detailing.

Karen Seagraves shares this
photo of  two oak, T-back,
leather seat chairs which her
mother began housekeeping
with in the early 1920s.  Both have
their labels, but they are virtually

Terry Karschner of the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office wrote trying to track the provenance of a desk in the state office building
that was said to be Governor Alfred Driscoll's desk.  The desk has a label that reads Sikes Cutler and has two companion chairs.          
No pictures.

Jim Cameron shared this information:   In early 1955 his parents decided to move from Rochester to Pittford, NY and sold almost all of their old furniture to buy new in the new location. Buffalo Furniture Gallery was where area furniture manufacturers showcased their products.   The Cameron's purchased from Sikes two dressers, a dining table and six chairs with upholstered seats, a desk and captain's chair, a wood sofa with upholstered cushions and maybe an end table.  Some items were delivered, but Jim drove to  Buffalo and picked up some of them.  He said, "it was a factory of at least four stories with a pretty good sized elevator and loading dock.  He recalled his mother saying Sikes was noted  for chairs and especially Captain's chairs.  He still owns one dresser and his daughter has the  dining table, chairs, desk and Captain's chair.  The label in the dresser is a  "Branding Iron label" burned into the wood.  It is 3-1/2 x 2 and reads: "Sikes, Est 1859, A Product of Master Craftsmen"

Amy Geoffroy wrote in January, 2003:  I discovered an old piece of furniture in my attic (previously boarded up with no access).  Who knows how long it's been up there.  It is a reclining chair that I would imagine had cushions with it.  It doesn't seem to have been upholstered simply because the wood is in very good condition.  I don't think anything was attached to it permanently and the springs are still in the chair.  There is a tag that says Sikes Chair Company, but no date.  I would imagine it would be 1933 or earlier, but I'm not sure.  No picture.

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