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Chair Photos - Page 7

updated 12 Mar 2011

We enjoy hearing from you and sharing with you the interesting pieces that were built by The Sikes Chair Company.

For those of you who do not use digital cameras and find sending images via e-mail a trial,
you are invited to send regular photo prints to the Webmaster, 506 Bosque Vista, San Antonio, TX  78258
where they will be scanned and placed on the site.

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      A reader wrote, "My name is Chris Chase from Plant City, FL.
     I found a chair at a retirement park sale. The varnish had turned black and the seat was split at
one of the seams.  After I purchased it, I noticed the label on the bottom.   It says Sikes Chair Co.
Buffalo, NY. I fixed the split and refinished and thought you'd enjoy it as I didn't see one like it on
your web site.
     Oh, by the way I paid one dollar for it.

     Judy Pete wrote, "Attached you will find pictures of Sikes Chairs located in the Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall, in Modesto, California.
     One of the chairs has a Sikes metal ID tag with
Philadelphia on of the others has a tag
on the bottom noting Buffalo and pattern number 2542 ?? although can't be sure.
      My guess is the chairs were probably in one of
the old court rooms and migrated to the
Juvenile Hall some years ago.  A manager told a supervisor to "get rid of them", but he stored them as he felt they were better chairs then the ones ordered to replace them.
      When the manager retired he brought them out of storage.
We still use them everyday.

     Sandra Marcella shared this photo of her Sikes Chair.

I am Kate Cormier. I live in Oakland, California.  I was a third generation (lady) furniture refinisher (starting out with my "Master Refinisher" Father, Joe Cormier, until his passing) for over twenty years.  I closed my shop after my second shop-mate passed away too.  I still dabble in antiques and furniture of value, such as the Sikes Rocking Chair,  that I just found.
Honestly, until this point I had not heard of the Sikes Furniture Company, but can see now what fine quality this piece is.  I am attaching a photo.  It did have a label on the bottom, which fell off when I got the chair inside, and it reads (what I can see of it)  "Sikes Company"
It is a magnificent chair with large carvings on the top front and has holes in the other slats across the top with holes carved out, that look like something to put your hand through to carry it.  It is extremely heavy!  It is in excellent condition (all I have to do is glue the arm on).  But the seat of old black leather is worn out and the springs need to be retied and the new seat put on.
I want to fix it up to sell.  I would love to keep it, but I honestly have no more room in my apartment.  I want to find someone that enjoy it for years to come.

     Dining Room Chairs by "Sikes Chair Co.  Buffalo, NY"  (circa 1920?)

Seats not original.  Seek additional chairs of this model.
Woodstock, CT


I don't know to what extent you are involved in purchasing Sikes chairs or letting people know about them, but I will have a set of 6, along with a conference table, in my eBay store sometime before Christmas.  The web address is .  Please check on these chairs, as I think any collector would love to have them.
Matt Bugaj
Mr. Lister



My services were engaged to restore six Sikes Chairs.  I found some information about Sikes Chairs at and wondered if you might be interested in pictures before I started restoring the chairs.  It appears the fabric on the seats have been replaced at least once and some repairs had been made to the joints and original construction.   "Author" Neus

      My wife finally got the chir that belonged to her Grandma who passed away 8 years ago. We know nothing on the history, but it will sit empty as a reminder of her. We will not restore it in any way, because that is the way it was. This will never be sold for profit at all, and we hope to find more.
Jordan & Sonia Eisenman
Lancaster, California

     I, alas, am not a Sikes but am a MacIver and as such am a frugal person in search of elegant yet understated treasures in witch to surround myself.  I purchased a Sikes table and six chairs today (two are captains chairs). The label on the bottom of the chairs states that they are from  Sikes Company, model 8058 1/2, cherry wood and muslin cushions.  The table and chairs are in good condition and I feel that I will be able to restore them to their original luster with a bit of careful planning and hard work. 
     I have attached a picture of the set.  It currently is in my shop. I apologize for the current surroundings that this very nice table and chairs finds itself in. It is made from truly beautiful material and the workmanship has stood the test of time.
Craig R. MacIver

    I would like to add to your collection of photos concerning Sikes Chairs.  The enclosed photo concerns one rebuilt/refinished chair that was purchased with its twin at a farm closeout auction in Illinois close to twenty years ago.  Both were in extremely sad shape and have been dismantled
and sitting in boxes in my basement awaiting time and energy to tackle them.  The only reason I bought them was because they matched perfectly one other short armed chair in somewhat better shape with a Sikes Philadelphia label that I had bought previously at a different auction.  All three
ended up in boxes in my basement.  One is done and I ended up selling it to my neighbor, Phil Campo, who helped with the restoration.  It sits proudly in his living room.  The others are
awaiting better weather for them to be finished.
    After seeing some of your pictures, I believe I may have other Sikes Chairs of the windsor style awaiting reconditioning also.  I am kind of anxious to go exploring.  Thanks for your wonderful website.  I really enjoyed reading the stories that went with the chairs.
    John Werschey
    Springfield, Illinois    

     I was right!   One of the chairs in my basement was a Sikes 1460 from Buffalo.   There could be others, but they probably don't have labels. 

John Werschey


     Hello: I recently acquired a Sikes mod. 1405 swivel/tilt desk chair from the state of my 96 year old aunt who passed 3 years ago. Am leaving the old finish as is but have cleaned and lubed the threads on the adjusters - what a beautiful piece of work. I like the fact that my wife should be unable to tip the chair over by leaning back as I believe the chair weighs more than she does.
     The condition of this thing after all these years is a testament to the craftsmanship that went into it. Is there any way of dating (even estimating) the age of this chair? What should I look for? Your assistance, and the expertise of your ancestors, is appreciated. Thank you.
Timothy Kling

     Attached are photos of a rocker I recently purchased. I am interested in knowing how old it is, or any information about it. It is made of cherry wood and in excellent condition.
Ellen Hillman

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