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updated 07 March 2011

We enjoy hearing from you and sharing with you the interesting pieces that were built by The Sikes Chair Company.

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    I came across this chair at a St. Vincent's in Tacoma, WA. The tag  has Chair No. X131Yl. Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks,  Larry Klewin 

    Larry wrote earlier and his note can be found on Page 6 of our chair photos.

    Darrice Stringer wrote, "During an investigation of the chair pictured I came across your web site Re: Sikes Chair Company, Buffalo, NY.
    The chair that I have has the name The Sikes Co. PA in the casting. I assume that the company was located in PA at the time of the chair's manufacture. It must have been at a different time than when the Sikes company was in Buffalo NY. 
    If you have any idea as to the value of the chair I will appreciate the information. I inherited the chair from a couple who probably got the chair sometime in the 1950's but not sure."

    Anna E. Auclair mailed us a letter and photos of her chair.  She stated, "I inherited this English style Sikes chair from my mother in 1978.  My parents purchased it from the previous owner of the home they bought in Roslindale, Mass. around 1940.  I have admired the graceful lines of this chair since I was a child.  It is very light, but sturdy and comfortable and I believe it still has the original finish.  On the underside of the seat is  a small, rectangular paper label reading: 

Sikes Chair Co.
Buffalo Branch 1303
Buffalo, NY"

    Mr. Jan Kem, Portland, OR shared his Sikes chair story. "Oh, the misery some of your chairs have seen! My father purchased 7 similar to the "One of a set of 4 dining chairs. No story." on page 1 of your chair web site. He used them in his dental office waiting room from 1947 until he retired in the 1980's. Five were the #76 side arm chairs in oak, and two were #76-1/2 side no arm chairs in oak. The Sikes sticker is still on one of them.
    I am mailing the purchase invoice from (Archie Sherer Company, Dayon Ohio, October 16, 1947 for $206.40). They are now in use by the next generation for living rooms and offices by his four sons."

    I was very lucky to purchase seven Sikes oak side chairs at a flea market outside of Toronto Ontario about 20 years ago. All that was missing was the arm chair. On your site you have the exact arm chair in a picture submitted by a Cyndi Ross. I would dearly love to be able to find one like it. I am enclosing pictures of my chairs.
    Sincerely Joel Foote.

   I forgot to ask anyone if they see any chairs like this, especially an arm chair, to e-mail me at    Thank you so much.  Kind regards, Joel Foote.

     This is a long shot, but do you have any idea where I can get a swivel and reclining mechanism for a Sikes desk chair. Mine is probably 1950, bought in Los Angeles.
     Here are a couple of pictures and one shows the Brand. I have a complete bedroom set - Double Bed, dresser, Desk and Chair! Still nice stuff!
Roger Giles, Knoxville, TN 37914

    I just recently bought this dresser at a yard sale here in Beaufort, SC.  The lady I purchased it from said she bought it years ago at an antique auction.  It is a beautiful piece, I saw the Sikes Est 1859 a product of Master Craftsmen burnt on the inside of one of the drawers and was just curious about it.  I found your site and thought I would send you a picture.  Enjoy, Jennifer White

      I found this document at a second- hand store and thought it was interesting. It appears to be a purchase order or receipt for a dozen office chairs from Samuel D. Sikes & Bro. It looks genuine and was dated Nov. 18, 1867. It gives a little insight into what furniture cost at that time. Hope it is of interest to you.   Anthony Bellanti


     Found this chair in an old shoe factory in South Africa.   Could be Sykes?

     The factory went through quite a few changes before my time, so I'm not entirely clued up on the history.   Somewhere around 1936 the factory was located in Woodstock, might have been Ravenscraig Rd.  And called Bally.  The name implies that it might have been Swiss run at that stage.
Somewhere along the way.the factory had a name change to Goodyear Footwear, and later Elliott Footwear, which was early 1970's and owned by SA Breweries, Birch division, and one of about 21 factories the owned and ran with various ex-pats from UK and Germany.
      I started working at Elliott in 1979 as a management trainee, and eventually left when SAB sold out to Conshoe (who turned out to be a big con).  At that stage I was Design and Marketing Director, and had been sitting on these chairs for about ten years.
     The were very comfortable everyday office chairs, and had collected a bit of grime over the years.I had them restored / cleaned, but the results weren't great.
      So, no labels (I didn't think to look before I had them cleaned)   I think the wood is oak, and aside from tensioning up of the cross-braces, no visible signs of repair.
      The recent sanding was myself, as the previous varnish was looking tatty.

 Best regards,  Brent Garvie
Cape Town

     Kendall Hall of Richmond, VA wrote:  "In the process of cleaning my parents basement this weekend, I uncovered a Sikes chair.  It has the stamp underneath with the #1318.  I will be taking the chair home with me to get some TLC.  We are not at all interested in a value of the chair, only some history.  We'd like to know when it was constructed.  Any history or any websites you could direct me to would be greatly appreciated.  This chair has been our family for over 80 years, and will stay in our family!   Thank you, "

      How I wish I owned a Sikes Chair.... it could be a piece of our family history.
      My great grandfather William Henry Allen Leach was born in Mifflintown, PA, came to Buffalo by 1885 and worked his way up from a lake fireman to become a Railroad steam engineer by 1896. Later, he was a stationary engineer with Sikes Chair Co. He  had undiagnosed diabetes and probably neuropathy and while working did not know he had been scalded on his leg when a steam pipe accidently exploded, it led to his death in 1919 at the age of 55. I learned the details through the coroner's report. He was a  N. A. S. E. member of Sikes Chair Co., Employees Society.  Judy Wolf

     I am writing because I found your website while searching for someone to repair my walnut Sikes Office chair.  It belonged to my grandfather.  I live in Queens, NY and I called a few antique repair places that were very dubious about fixing it and very eager to buy it.  I wanted to find out if Sikes was in business in Philadelphia still which is how I happened upon your site. I am coming to Philadelphia soon for a trip so I thought I might be able to have the manufacturer repair it. It seems, however, that Sikes is no longer in business.
     But I thought I would write anyway since you appreciate stories, I will tell you that this chair sat in the law office of my maternal grandfather, Charles H. Sullivan in Northport and Huntington, NY (on Long Island). He was born in the late 1800’s and died in 1969. He fought in WWI and then became a politician.  When his wife died in the early 80’s, my parents inherited the chair and the rest of the office furniture. Oddly, my father, Arthur Wanamaker, took the furniture after my parents divorced that same decade. To my knowledge, it was in storage in a basement until he died three years ago.  So now I have this lovely piece of family history that I would like to continue to enjoy.
Kind Regards, Laura Chamaret

     I accidentally happened upon your web-page and noticed the many photos of the various pieces of Sikes furniture.  My grandfather worked in the Buffalo plant until they closed it and then, soon after, he passed away (forty one years ago).  I am proud to have a number of pieces that he personally helped produce which include; a bed set with a head and foot board, a five drawer chest with a desk drawer, two captain's chairs, a framed wall mirror and a desk chair.  All pieces, at least fifty years old, are in like new condition.  I was especially pleased to see that Sikes furniture is still appreciated.  Most importantly, it is quite possible that my grandfather may have had something to do with their manufacture.  Thank you for the opportunity of sharing!    Joseph P. Latona

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