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Chauncey Metaphor Chase
of Athol, Massachusetts 1816 - 1900

Originally published in The Tributaries, Volume 11, #2, April, 2002

Chauncey Metaphor Chase of Athol, Massachusetts 1816 - 1900
His Ancestors and His Descendants

        Association President, Ed Chase compiled and published the above titled genealogy of one of his ancestors in 1999.  Having obtained a copy just a few weeks ago, I wanted to share with readers some features of this publication.

        Chauncey M. Chase is the third great-grandfather of the author, whose research began with a single document, the death certificate of Chauncey’s son Alonzo H. Chase.   While this work features the lineages of the Chase family, the author has skillfully woven the historical events of the time into the lives of the people.  The facts are well presented and supported with documentation and multiple sources.  Of special note, a record is included showing the last known place of residence of each deceased male and current residence (1999) of each living male member through the 14th generation.  This is an excellent tool to track the family’s migration as the country opened to settlers.  Sources include four genealogies of related families, many military records, local histories, census records, cemetery inscriptions, vital records, newspaper articles, letters in museum collections, and personal correspondence of some of the ancestors.

        In the eleventh generation the author reveals the connection of the Chase family to the Sikes family with the marriage of Edward Warren Chase to Marguerite A. Ford.  (Marguerite’s father was Howard Sikes Ford, son of Wyllis Eaton Ford and Emma Almira Sikes.  Emma was the daughter of Julius Fowler Sikes and Jane E. King.)  Other allied families discussed in this work include Kellogg, Smith, Palmer, Gretzinger,  Pape, Nichols, Woodard, Palmer, Scholl, Richards, and Murtha.

        This quotation from the book  further illustrates features of this publication and its value to future researchers.   “It is intended that this genealogy be a living document – to be expanded on by family members.  To facilitate this, I have provided that the left-hand pages are blank for notes and the bindery is a loose leaf for expansion by owners with the insertion of pictures, special knowledge, and new family members as the Chase lineage grows. 
    "I would appreciate copies of additional information so that this new information can be gathered in one place, and I can periodically send supplements to the owners.  If anyone knows of photographs of Chauncey or Alonzo and their immediate families, I would especially like to add them.  I have failed to find any at this time.  Perhaps living members of the Philynda (Chase) Buckley, the Sarah (Chase) Kellogg, or the Sarah (Chase) Smith families may know of such photographs.”

        This is a publication anyone would be pleased to have on their book shelf.  If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, contact Ed Chase at 900 Mountain Road, West Suffield, CT  06093-3301.

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