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Obituary - Colonel Daniel Sykes

Kenosha (Wisconsin) Telegraph, April 23, 1863,  page 2:

    On the 13th inst., in the town of Somers near this city, Col. Daniel Sykes, of Influenza, aged 77 years, 4 months and 7 days.

    Col. Sykes, like many of our best western farmers, originated in Vermont, in the town of Pawlet.  When of age, he sought his fortune in
the northern part of the state of New York, near Sandy Creek, and within the borders of what is now called Pulaski.  Here he became an
extensive farmer, and by honesty and enterprise accumulated a good reward of his labors. 

    More than ten years ago he came to this place, and purchased a beautiful farm and pleasant situation a mile west of Kenosha, in the town
of Somers.  There he spent the remainder of his days in pleasant retirement with the partner of his prosperity.  He has left her in the enjoyment
of a good provision for her advanced years, and a large circle of children and grandchildren to revere his memory.
Friends, wealth, and years each seeker likes:
All these, and more had Colonel Sykes.

Obituary - Orpha Sykes

Kenosha (Wisconsin) Telegraph, February 25th, 1864, page 3

    On the 20th inst., at the residence of her family near Kenosha, Mrs. Orpha Sykes, surviving consort of the late Col. Daniel Sykes, formerly of Richland, Oswego County, N.Y., aged 77 years, 2 months and 8 days.

    The deceased was a native of Brimfield, Mass., and removed, with her husband, at an early day, into the then newly settled county of Oswego, N.Y.

    Here she lived some forty years, beloved and respected, until 1853, when her husband and his family migrated to the State of Wisconsin, to spend his days and enjoy his comfortable possessions among his children and friends who had become residents there before him.  Mrs. Sykes, for many years, was unable, by reason of a long-standing lameness, to engage in the more active duties of life outside her household, but found occasion, in these circumstances, to exercise the promptings of a kind and benevolent heart in dispensing to the needy, and feeling for the wants of others.  She died peacefully, in the 77th year of her age, after a lingering illness which she bore with patience and resignation.

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