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The Sikes Chair Company

Updated 06 April 2015

When we first presented this page, little was known about the Sikes Chair Company.  Through email and photographs sent to us by readers, we are learning more every day. 

Thanks go to reader Beryl-Lynn Strong of Texas who shared this web site:
a slide show of the pages of Catalog #20 (undated catalog).

A Catalog for 1939-1940 (no catalog number) can be viewed on this web site:
Click "Full View" under the main listing.

   A website, Arts and Crafts Collector has a page devoted
to manufacturers shopmarks.  They have included a Sikes paper
label and metal medallion, with information taken from our site.
Check them out!


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In April, 2013 Art Sikes wrote to the Buffalo, New York History Organization with a query about the Sikes Furniture company. The reply is reproduced below.


Thank you for your interest in our collections. We have a folder of clippings on the Sikes-Cutler Furniture Co. and in it I found this article, which is not digitized or online:

Watson, Bob

“86-year old order points up changes in 95-year-old Sikes.”

Buffalo Evening New, Feb. 22, 1954

The 7th paragraph reads:

“The Sikes Company was purchased in 1945 by Francis A. Bacon, who is now its president and sole owner. Its 275,000 square-foot plant at 20 Churchill St. covers 5 ½ acres.”


We have nothing in the folder about the company’s history after that point. This is complete conjecture on my part, but I would guess that either buyer wished to retain the Sikes name as a condition or purchase or the seller wished for the name to be perpetuated as a condition of sale.


There happens to be a sample Sikes catalog online here:

There are also some random mentions of the company here at Google Books:





Hope this helps! Cynthia Van Ness, MLS

Director of Library & Archives


The following pages contain images, shared by our readers, of various pieces of Sikes furniture.

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Chronology of the Sikes Chair Company
as compiled from known documents and reader's stories.

1859           Company Established,  Operated as S.D. Sikes & Brother for 15 years at 500 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY.
1874           Company reorganized following death of S.D. Sikes -- Edwin Sikes became president of Sikes Chair Company.
1875           Buffalo Chair Company, a subsidiary of Edwin Sikes & Co, was founded.
William Henry Allen Leach was a stationary engineer with Sikes Chair Company.  He was a  N. A. S. E. member
                      of Sikes Chair Co., Employees Society, per great granddaughter Judy Wolf. (see page 8).

1904/06      Sikes Chair Company moved to Philadelphia, PA, and operated there for several years.
1916           Sikes Chair Company resumed operations in Buffalo, NY.
1919           Buffalo Chair Company went out of business.
1930           The Sikes Chair Company bought the Cutler Desk Company to become the Sikes-Cutler Desk Corporation.
1929/33      The Sikes Chair Company was bankrupted in the Great Depression.  By 1933, the economy was
                         entering a growth spurt and The Sikes Company continued the manufacture of fine furniture.
1933           Catalog No. 18 issued under the name The Sikes Company, 23rd Street and Passyunk Avenue,
                         Philadelphia, PA.
1933           Employee Clark Moore transfered from Philadelphia to Buffalo with the company.  He was
                         employed a total of 48 years with the company.
????            Undated Brochure for the 1749 and 1751 Lines -- Operating under the name
                         The Sikes Company, Inc., 500 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY  -- A consolidation of 
                         The Sikes Co.(Formerly of 23rd Street and Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA),
                         Sikes-Cutler Desk Corp., and Sikes Chair Co.
1950-55      Jerry and Marion Lynch purchased 13 pieces of Sikes furniture (see page 4)
1955/6         Going out of business per correspondence with Howard Papke (see page 16)

The obituary of Edwin Sikes was published in a newspaper whose name and date was torn away.
The clipping contained a note on the edge that says, "Died Spring of 1910."

"Prominent Business Man, President of the Sikes Chair Company, Who has Passed Away"

"Edwin Sikes, who died yesterday morning at his home, 573 West Ferry Street, had been for many years one of Buffalo's prominent business men.  He was President of the Sikes Chair Company.  Mr. Sikes was born in Somers, Conn., Jan. 19, 1825.  He came to Buffalo in 1860 to join his brother, Samuel D. Sikes, who had some time before established a chair factory on Clinton Street.   The business was conducted for fifteen years under the firm name of S. D. Sikes & Brother, and after the death of the elder brother Edwin Sikes succeeded to the management, reorganizing the company and becoming its president.  Mr. Sikes was elected a member of the board of directors of Citizens Bank in 1897, and continued as such until the time of his death.  For 24 years and until his retirement from most of the active affairs of the life a few years ago, he had been a trustee of the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church.

On October 20, 1852, Mr. Sikes married Clarinda Colton Simons, of Longmeadow, Mass.  Mrs. Sikes died in 1867. Three children survive, William F. Sikes, Mrs. Henry L. Lyon, wife of the Deputy Water Commissioner, and Albert Sikes, all of this city.  Mr. Sikes married in 1869 Miss Louisa Sophia Colton, also of Longmeadow, who has survives him.  He leaves also one brother, Charles R. Sikes, of Ellington, Conn.  The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock from the family home on West Ferry Street, and interment will be in the family lot at forest Lawn cemetery."

From a Sikes Company letterhead dated Oct 15, 1933:

The Company was “Established in 1859”.
“Manufacturers of Distinction for the Home, Office & Public Buildings”
“Offices & Salespersons in Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia and Grand Rapids”

“A Consolidation of
The Sikes Company (Formerly of Philadelphia)
Sikes-Cutler Desk Corp.
Sikes Chair Co.”

Edwin Sikes was in the eighth generation from
Richard Sikes & Phoebe of Springfield, Mass.  Here are his ancestors:
Richard Sikes & Phoebe
Increase Sikes & Abigail Fowler
Nathaniel Sikes & Elizabeth Ball
John Sikes & Thankful Warriner
Reuben Sikes & Thankful Buell
Able Sikes & Lois Dwight
Horace Sikes & Nancy Darby
Edwin Sikes & Clarinda Simons

Following the publication of the above information, we were very excited to
hear from a family with direct connections to the Sikes Chair Company.
  I am Albert Dwight Sikes II, born May 23, 1918, and my father is Robert Mills Sikes (deceased 1952.) from Buffalo, NY.   My grandfather was Albert Dwight Sikes (deceased 1930) from Buffalo, NY.

As I recall, the original Sikes Chair Company was at first owned by these two and another Sikes brother whose name escapes me.  (Editor's Note:  From Edwin Sikes's obituary, we know the 3rd bother's name was Samuel D. Sikes.)  My grandfather bought out the other two brothers in the early 20th century. This factory was located at 500 Clinton St., in Buffalo, NY but around the early 20th century, it was moved for approximately 10-12 years to Philadelphia.  In 1916, it was then moved back to Buffalo, NY and in 1930 my grandfather bought the Cutler Desk Company and renamed the company Sikes-Cutler Desk Company.  Late in 1930 my father passed away, leaving the company to his wife, Lily Jean Sikes. 

Just as the big depression was about to strike,  my grandmother received an offer of two million dollars and a meeting was called to discuss the offer and those present were her three children.  Their names were Robert Mills Sikes, Edwina (Sikes) Gurney and  Margaret (Sikes) Prentice.  The preponderance of opinion was  to refuse the offer or two million and the belief was that the good name of the Sikes-Cutler Desk company could withstand the depression.  The depression honored no name nor status, and the Sikes-Cutler Desk Company went bankrupt with millions of others.    

My Maternal grandmother's  maiden name was Taylor.  Gordon B. Sikes is a distant cousin.  I have one Brother, Robert Stockton Sikes  from Vermont, who passed away just recently (2003).  He had two sons, named John Sikes and Peter Sikes. John lives in Vermont and I do not know where the other son lives.     My Sons and one daughter are Stephen Albert Dwight Sikes, Christopher (Kiffer) Lewis Sikes, Jonathan Sikes, and Marcia Sikes, Buffalo, NY.

Albert Dwight Sikes, II
Brevard, NC  28712

About the same time we received Albert's letter, we also heard from
a lady whose grandfather was an employee of the Sikes Chair Company.

     Wow!  How exciting to locate your web site.  I have many pictures and stories regarding my grandfather, Clarke L. Moore, who worked at Sikes Chair Factory for 48 years.  He began work at the Philadelphia, Pa. factory, but accepted an offer to transfer to the Buffalo factory.  He moved his wife and three children to Buffalo in 1933.  My grandparents both were deaf mutes.

     I have several pictures of my grandfather at work over the 50 years at Sikes.  He was an avid photographer and enjoyed taking and sharing photographs.  Because of his pride in his job, Clarke made sure that he had pictures to show family and friends of his work.  He was very well liked and respected as he was conscientious, skilled and dependable.  He was able to repair any of the equipment and operate all of the machinery. 
     My hobby is genealogy and I have included all of the Sikes pictures in my grandparents family history.  I would very much like to have more history of Sikes Chair Factory and pictures of both the Phila. and Buffalo factories.  If records such as payroll, productivity, newspaper publications, ads, or other information that I can include with my grandfather's work history at Sikes exists, I would appreciate having copies.  Perhaps there may even be something with my grandfather's name?


Cheryl WHISSEL, 1303 Indian Trail N.
Palm Harbor, FL  34683

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