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  e-20 Dec 2015

I wonder if you can offer any help in my search for Robert SYKES.   He married Sarah HARRISON in 1808  at Silkstone, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, but I think this could be a second marriage. He died Oct 1837 at Wilson Piece in Barnsley with his son Mathew, who was from his first marriage. In 1829, he was involved in a riot at Dodworth.  The Chartist raided his house and the Dragoons had to save him.

His son Edmund (Twyford) Sykes, born 1815 Barnsley, was a bit of a scoundrel.  Twyford was a kind of a nick name as he drove road machines called Twyford, so family gossip says.

Thank you.

Val BIRKETT, 34 Tower Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, s70 1qs

 e-22 Nov 2015

Looking for any information for the following relating to the SYKES family:

George SYKES 1770-1865 married Sarah DELF.  Joseph SYKES born 1804 Almondbury, Yorkshire, England (son of George & Sarah) married Anne SUGDEN born 1805.
James SYKES born 12 March 1830 Almondbury, Yorkshire, England (son of Joseph and Anne) married Mary Elizabeth THORNTON born 11 March 1835.  James and Mary SYKES had one child, Henry Thornton SYKES born 1857 in Yorkshire, and then emigrated to South Australia where they had a further six children.  James died in 1875 and Mary in 1887.

Any information would be appreciated.

Diane CAMPBELL, 10 The Dress Circle, Athelstone, South Australia  5076  Australia

e- 28 Oct 2014

We at Blackheath Football Club (rugby) are trying to find out more about one of our England Rugby International Players and wondered if anyone in your Sykes Family Association could help us please. Below are the details we have.
Alexander Richard V SYKES  was born in Birkenhead on 29th May, 1891 and died circa 1997 in Hampshire.
He played for the Blackheath 1st XV for 35 games as a forward. In 1912-13 played 14 games and is on the team photo and in 1913-14 he played 21 games and scored 6 tries and is also on that team photo
Saturday 7th March 1914 - attended the Rosslyn Park Annual Dinner with Le Stone and other Blackheath players - signed Le Stone’s menu card. This is in the scrapbook.
Reserve for England v Scotland Saturday 21st March 1914 (hand written note by Le Stone)
Played for England v France in Paris Monday 13th April 1914 and is on a photograph of the English team in Le Stone scrapbook. Stone played in this match and has several pages of interesting things regarding this game including his invitation to play, travel details, French newspaper reports, post-match dinner menu, a great newspaper sketch of ‘Dreadnought’ A.L. Harrison, and match photos.
Played for the Barbarians v RAMC (Crookham Camp, Aldershot) at Old Deer Park, Richmond, on April 10th 1915 when they won by a drop goal and 2 tries (10) to 1 try (3). The proceeds of the game went to the British Red Cross. This was one of the six War Service Fundraising Matches played by the Barbarians.

Mandy ALLEN & Peter BROWN

    17 Oct 2014

I am seeking information about John SYKES.
  John married Jane Rachel BEAVER at Fort St.George, Madras, India, in 1773.  They had 3 children, but only Joseph Thomas b. 1774  survived to adulthood.  Joseph Thomas married Johanna Catherina GUEST/GEUST in 1794, and they had 2 daughters, Jane Anne & Maria.
Jane Anne has 271 identified descendants.

Neville THOMAS

    e 21 Aug 2014

I am currently looking for any information on Thomas SYKES from NC during the 1800's.  He is listed in the 1850-1870 census'.  I am a descendant of his and am trying to find out who his parents were.

This is the information listed in the 1870 census that I found on Ancestry.

Thomas Sykes, age 55, born abt 1814 in NC, residing in Poplar Branch, Currituck, NC, White, Male, Powells Point Post Office.  Enumerated with him on the census were Susan Sykes age 38, Justine Sykes age 13, Sinleone Sykes age 11, Cynthia Sykes age 7, Mordaia Sykes age 6, Pomrey Sykes age 2 and Cynthia Sykes age 75.


Pomrey is my 2 times GreatGrandfather. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Michelle YAPP, 4818 Pleasant Dr. , Midland, Tx 79703    

e 30 Oct 2014
Alexander Richard SYKES (1891-1977) played rugby for Blackheath and once for England.  His England cap was in April 1914 in Paris.  That game v France was the final England international match before the outbreak of WW1.

I am working with the Rugby Football Union to develop mini biographies of each of the 15 players who played in that final match, and wondered whether you have any details for Alexander Sykes.   

The chart below shows where I have reached, and the categories of information that I am seeking. Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards, Mike HAGGER                    

A R Sykes


Full name and birth details

Alexander Richard Sykes

29th May 1891, Birkenhead


Richard Grory Sykes and his wife Elizabeth

Family background

Father was an architect


Six – 2 brothers George and James; and 4 sisters Elizabeth, Margaret, Phyllis and Olive


Birkenhead Park School , Liverpool University

Residence (s)

1901 & 1911 – 87 Shrewsbury Road, Birkenhead



Marital status





1977, Hampshire

Where buried





Rugby clubs

Liverpool University , Blackheath



England caps – pre WW1

1 (1914 v F)

England caps – post WW1


Also represented

Barbarians (War Service Fundraising Matches).

Other sports



Pre-WW 1 military service


WW 1 service

Liverpool Regiment; South Wales Borderers

When joined


Rank achieved

Lieutenant Colonel

WW 1 Battles & Campaigns



DSO; Military Cross

Campaign medals


Post-WW 1 military service

Emergency commission as Lieutenant in 1940



        e-12 Feb 2014

Horace Fennell SYKES married Margary or Margery CONDRON, about 1934, after both graduated from the University of Maryland.  I believe they had three daughters, one of which, I believe also,  graduated from the above school, around 1978.  Both Horace and Margary died in Illinois, DuPage area.  Horace’s father , again, I believe, graduated from West Point, Valedictorian, Class of 1928?   Can anyone assist me in locating the family.  Margary’s mother was a FOGG, from Oak Park, Illinois and married to George T. CONDRON, a graduate from Cornell University.  

Richard Bates, Churchwood Cottage, Box #145, Blackstock, Ontario, Canada or 1-905-986-1761

        e- 12 Feb 2014
I was checking out your website on the SIKES family and I was curious if you knew any information about John R. HENSHAW and his descendants. I too am a descendant of the Henshaws, and Elam Sikes. I am curious what happened with the items that John R. Henshaw claimed he had from his grandfather Elam. I am interested in getting some pictures of these items for my records if you do know what happened with them. Thank you for your time.

Michael Rayburn  USN

        e - 12 Feb 2014

I am searching for the parents of Catharine SYKES born 1823 in Tennessee.  She married James W. EVANS (1825-1886), and they had a daughter, Virginia Ellen Evans (1858-1910).  Please contact me if yu have any knowledge of this family.  Any help is deeply appreciated.


         e - 14 Oct 2012

Seeking information on NANCY SIKES the wife of Calvin SIKES (b. 1779, Ludlow, Hampden, Massachusetts, d. ??? (father John SIKES b.1747 (Springfield, Mass.), d. 1807, Ludlow, Mass)).

Per Ludlow: a century and a centennial, Alfred Noon, compiler, (Springfield, MA, Clark W. Bryan & Co., 1875), page 185,  “Calvin SIKES (b.1779) had four children: Calvin b.1805; Edward b.1808; Joshua b.1811; Nancy b.1813”. No wife cited.

Per Calvin and Nancy Sikes had 4 children:
Calvin Dudley Sikes, b. 25 Jun 1805 (Ludlow, Hampden, Mass.) (see, Massachusetts Town Records, 1620-1988, Ludlow, page 400, (image 204).
Edward Sikes, b. 21 Apr 1808 (Ludlow); d. 19 May 1880 (Douglas County, Wisconsin). (see, Massachusetts Town Records, 1620-1988,  Ludlow, page 443, (image 225).
Joshua Hall Sikes, b. 29 Jul 1811 (Ludlow) (see, Massachusetts Town Records, 1620-1988, Ludlow, page 443 (image 225).
Nancy Diana Sikes, b. 05 Mar 181? (Ludlow); d. 16 Sep 1824 (Ludlow) (see, Massachusetts Town Records, 1620-1988, Ludlow, page 443 (image 225).

Any information pertaining to NANCY would be very much appreciated.

Ann Neal, 2464 Maple Ave., Palmyra, NY 14522


e - 30 Aug 2012
Noah SYKES is shown as born Sep. 3 1835 and drowned in the Mississippi River Apr. 16, 1853. He was buried (or at least his name is on a tombstone) in the Preston Cemetery, Jackson Co., IA.

Does anyone have information or family for Noah?

Pat Juon, 2209 350th Street, Stanhope, IA 50246-7518

          e - 27 Aug 2012

Seeking information on Elizabeth SYKES born about 1826 in Pennsylvania, she marries Evan ROWLANDS around 1843.  They resided in Mifflin, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania their children are Sarah, William, Evan, Ann, Louisa, Samuel, Elizabeth and Margaret.  Evan is a coal miner from Wales.  Thank You!

Patricia NOWICKI, 26 S. Central Ave., Fairborn, OH 45324

         18 Jul 2011

I am looking for the parents or any information about John SYKES born in England 21 March 1798,  died in Green Twp. Ross County, Ohio 21 August 1879. John  married Mary CONNER in Ross County, Ohio 16 February 1823.  She was born  11 December 1804 in Green Twp. Ross County, Ohio.   Mary's parents were Mary Ann VanGUNDY and Isaac CONNER, Sr.

John and Mary (Conner) Sykes are both buried in Mt. Pleasant cemetery, Kingston, Ohio.
They had 9 children:  Mary Jane SYKES FENSTERMAKER
                                Martha Ellen SYKES SIBEREL 
                                Joseph Richard SYKES
                                Rebecca Ann SYKES FETHEROFF
                                Amanda Catherine SYKES GREENMAN, my 2nd great-grandmother. She married George GREENMAN  May, 1856.
                                John E. SYKES ll
                                Harriett E. Sykes HALL
                                Benjamin G. SYKES
                                David N. SYKES
Any information would be great.  Thanks.

Lorraine Esther HAMANN THURSTON CHANDLER, 4649 East 250 South, Franklin, IN

         e-21 May 2011

I was wondering if you could help me?  I was always told that a good friend of mine's father was in Burma in the early 40's and had a fellow officer and friend by the last name of SYKES. They were working on a cure for Malaria during the war.

Upon his death in 1990 I inherited a painting signed by what appears to be L. Sykes, although the L could be a J.   Although the frame suggests a much older painting, I believe it reads 1942 beside the signature, but I am not 100% positive.


I have researched the subject and have discovered it to be a street view of the Spanish held Citadel in California before it became a state.
Any information would be helpful.  I found it interesting and I thought I would give it a shot that maybe you had an idea as to the origin of the family or the Painter himself. If not, thank you for your time.
Regards,  Robert WEST

e-19 Dec 2009

I am seeking information on William SYKES married to Frances FLETCHER.  Their children were:
Jeremiah SYKES born 1832
Joseph SYKES born 1833
William SYKES born 8 Mar 1836 in Gorton, Lancashire.
Ann SYKES born 27 April 1840
John SYKES born 1844
Harriet SYKES born 1847
I have found this family on census returns 1860-1871 living on Far Lane and  Kirk Lane, Gorton, Lancashire.   
I would love to hear from anyone who is searching this family line and will be happy to share information.
Ellen PICCOLO, 99 Aspen Drive, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA

e-18 Dec 2009

Seeking any information or family of John Harvey SIKES who was born in Cork, Ireland on 18 August 1872.  He came to Cape Town, South Africa in the early 1900’s and was in the Cape Mounted Rifles in the time of the Anglo-Boer war. He lived in Kalk Bay, Cape Town and died on 18 September 1949. We believe he was a Captain in the Cape Mounted Rifles.

He had a son, James Cheneweth STANFORD and a grandson, Darrol STANFORD (my husband).  We believe that there are family members of John Harvey SIKES still residing in Cork, Ireland.

Unfortunately this is the only information we have. We would appreciate any information from the readers.

Darrol and Roshan STANFORD, 9 Pretorius Street, Southfield, South Africa, 7800

e-28 Oct 2009

Looking for parents of Catherine Ruth SIKES/SYKES who married my Alexander A. BROWN, age 50, in 1845 in Macon County Alabama. Moved to Tuscaloosa County Alabama in 1850 and to Choctaw County, Alabama by 1852. She was born in North Carolina and probably in one of the counties along the South Carolina border.

I recently found her obituary in the Methodist publication, Southern Christian Advocate, which reads: "Died in Choctaw County, Alabama, sister Catherine Brown, consort of Alexander Brown.. ..born 5th of January 1821, and died 8th August 1852...left husband and several small children."

The Browns migrated to Macon County Alabama from Anson County North Carolina in 1836 with the HAMILTONs. Lived near modern day Monroe, North Carolina. All members of Methodist Church. Lived near Richardson Creek. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

Mae HAMILTON AMBROSE, 330 Harvard Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37205

  e-12 Oct 2009

Looking for information on Isaac Mason SIKES born Sept 17, 1890, who was sent to Danville, Kentucky School for the Deaf when he was approximately 4 years old. He was kept there until age 18. He was trained as a type print setter.

No mother or father was given on the admittance card at Danville, but he is believed to come from a farm in Eastern KY.

No visitation was registered at the school by any relatives during this time period.

Isaac was a deaf mute at the age of four due to a high fever. Any additional information will be appreciated.

T. Roxanne (SIKES) JARVIS,
P O Box 181, Richland City, IN 47634

   e-25 Jul 2009       
Seeking parents of William Calvin SYKES born ( @1820)supposedly in TN.  He was married 4 times with one wife being Jane GARRETT, born (1820) in Copiah County, MS.

Their son, Wyatt "Link" SYKES was born 25 Feb 1844 in (Copiah Cty), married first ca 1865 to Sibbel Jane CROW and second ca  1912 to Mandy LUPER.  Wyatt died 16 Dec 1918 and is buried in (Copiah Cty, MS).

One of Wyatt's sons with Sibbel Jane Crow was John S. Sykes born 18 Aug 1869 in Crystal Springs, MS and married Betty Elizabeth McMANUS. John died in 1951 and is buried with Betty in Poplar Springs Cemetery in Crystal Springs, MS

Of their 8 children,  Allen SYKES was born ca 1900 in Copiah Cty, MS.  His 2nd marriage was to Grace LEWIS in 1929. They are both buried at Poplar Springs Cemetery in Crystal Springs, MS.

Of their 6 children, a daughter, Maxine SYKES was born Feb. 26, 1933 and married James FREELS who was born August 4, 1927 in Copiah County, MS. Both are now deceased and buried at Poplar Springs Cemetery in Crystal Springs, MS

If anyone in this family is familiar to you, or if you have information about William Calvin Sykes, please contact me.  Thank you.

Micki FREELS, 241 South Ave. in Crystal Springs, MS 39059

e-08 Apr 2009

My name is Jim STARLING, living in Sydney, NSW Australia.  My great great great grandfather was Henry SYKES who married Louisa LOVEL in Sydney on 6 December 1847.  The couple evidently moved to Tasmania almost immediately because Tasmanian records show the birth, in Hobart, of:

            Amelia Louise SYKES on  6 September 1848 (died 1943 in Mosman NSW);

            Henry James SYKES in 1851 (my great great grandfather) (died 25th October 1943 in Burwood, NSW);

            Frederick William SYKES on 9 May 1854 (died 1907 at St Leonards, NSW);

            Elizabeth Caroline SYKES on 22 June 1856 (died 1933 Woolahra, NSW); and

            Charles Lovel SYKES on 31 March 1859 (died 1902 Mosman, NSW).

Two other children were born in Sydney:

           Theresa A SYKES in 1861 - died 1862 - and

           Alfred T SYKES in 1864 - no death in NSW that I have found.

I have a copy of the certificate for the marriage of Henry SYKES to Louisa LOVEL which was witnessed by James LOVEL and Caroline LOVEL, both of Sydney.  I have no indication whether James and Caroline were Louisa's father and mother or were otherwise related - although the first daughter Elizabeth had a second name Caroline and the first son had a second name James.

I can find no record of any relevant (in time 1810-1835)  Lovel or Sykes births in NSW (which then included Victoria and Queensland).

I can find no relevant record (matching Christian names or possible reasonable dates) for the arrival of any Sykes or Lovels in Sydney before 1847/8 (when Henry married Louisa).

Family scuttlebutt is that Henry SYKES senior was a ‘military man’ – although there is no evidence circumstantial or otherwise that this is true.

I have one possible death of a Louisa SYKES at Chatswood in Sydney dated 1914 with a father James H and mother Amelia C.   Henry and Louisa's first daughter was named Amelia and the first son had a second name James - so there may be a connection.

I can find no death for Henry SYKES in NSW, which by then was NSW as we now know it.  I have until now assumed that Henry returned to England.  He clearly left Tasmania about 1861 because the last two children were born in NSW - but he may have moved elsewhere after their birth.   If the Louisa SYKES noted above was his wife, then it would seem Henry may have stayed in Australia, possibly Tasmania, although all the children had left Tasmania by 1900+/-.

Henry James SYKES (my great great grandfather) married Mary Jane DOBLE on 25 March 1875 at Albury in NSW.  Mary Jane and sister? Bessik DOBLE (aged 12 and 11) arrived in Melbourne on the ship Great Britain on the 11th October 1869 to live with their aunt who had arrived in Australia a few years before.  Mary Jane died in Burwood, Sydney on 31 October 1943 - within 6 days of husband Henry.  They are buried together at Rookwood in Sydney.

If anybody out there can fill in details of the death of Henry SYKES senior, or any information of the SYKES and LOVEL families before (and after) 1848 it would be very much appreciated.    I have a reasonable handle on the Sykes family in the late 1800’s and twentieth century and would be happy to make it available.

Jim Starling, 1 Duff Street, Turramurra, NSW 2074, Australia

e-31 Mar 2009

I would like information on William SYKES b. abt 1762 of Slaithwaite, Yorkshire, England. He had a daughter Mary SYKES b. abt 1768. Mary married John SWANN b. abt 1766. Their daughter Mary SWANN b. abt 1786 Marsden, England married Samuel WOOD b. 18 Feb 1784 at Marsden, England. Samuel is my 3rd great grandfather. Thank you,

Dean E. WILSON, 3303 S.E. 66th Ave., Portland, Or 97206-2601

e-18 Mar 2009
Claude Pliny SYKES (born 17 October 1871 in Van Buren County, Michigan, died 16 October 1949 in Benton Harbor, Michigan) married (25 August 1898 in Porter Township, Van Buren County, Michigan) Mary Calista ADAMS (born 21 November 1875 in Porter Township, Van Buren County, Michigan). Mary Calista ADAMS was my great aunt. I am looking for Claude's parents (probably Pliny P. SYKES born in Massachusetts before 1824) and Alma A. TERRY (born about 1833 in Ohio) and Claude's grandparents (possibly Zenas SYKES born in 1786 in Massachusetts and Nancy JANES born in 1789). If you have knowledge of this line please contact me.

Jim ADAMS, 808 Michigan Street, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 

 e-27 Feb 2009

I am seeking information about my GGG Grandmother Mary Theresa SYKES who was born abt 1812 in Wakefield, Yorkshire according to Census records. She married Edward DUNN 27 May 1833 in the parish of Belgrave, Leicester. I have no other information about her ancestry. They had at least 12 children, who were born in Leicester. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate hearing from them.

Mary WHITE, 1/22 Innisfree Drive, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, New Zealand

 e-09 Feb 2009

I am seeking the identity of my African-American great grand parents. Two of their sons were Joseph SYKES and Noble SYKES.   I am not sure of any other siblings. Both Joseph and Noble served in WW1. The family is from Leon County, Florida.
Joseph SYKES married Jenny DAVIS, The had the following children: Robert SYKES, George SYKES, Edna SYKES, Rosa Lee SYKES, Larry SYKES, and Henrietta SYKES.   All children were born in Leon County Florida.  Any information you can share with me would be appreciated.  Thank you for your assistance.
Henry Gene SYKES (son of George SYKES), 28 West 20Th Street, Bayonne, NJ 07002    or

  e-13 Dec 2008

I am looking for a Percy (Shorty) SIKES/SYKES who I knew when I was a small child in Union County, North Carolina.  I believe he was originally from Anson County.  I would like to talk to some of his grandchildren because I think we are related.

Linda KEZIAH, 3940 Park Blvd. #312, San Diego, CA 92103

   e- 24 Jan 2008

I am needing to find any info. on the names of the father and mother of Edward SIKES (b.1774, Bladen Co., N.C. and died in Bryan Co., Ga.) I am comfortable with my research from Edward, to Samuel (1812-Bryan Co.Ga) to William A. (1840-Bryan Co., Ga.) to John A. (1875-Duval Co.,Fl) to John E.(1905-Duval Co., Fl).to me.  Any help would be appreciated.

Bob SIKES, 204 Cedar Creek Rd., Palatka., Fl 32177.  (386-329-9358)

   e- 23 Jan 2008

I am looking for any information on Mary Ann SIKES, who was born between 1805-1817 in Sampson, North Carolina.  She died in 1864 in Independence, Hennepin, Minnesota.  She may be buried in Lewis Cemetery in Lewis Cemetery in Minnesota, but I can't confirm that.  She was the first wife of Jacob BRYANT.  They married in 1835 (?) in Sampson, North Carolina.  Jacob was born 5 March 1805 in Sampson, North Carolina, died 5 March 1903 in Independence, Hennepin, Minnesota. She was the mother of Joshua Sykes BRYANT,  who was born in 1842 in Paw Paw, Wabash, Indiana, died 1 March 1922 in Sawtelle, Los Angeles, CA.
I am particularly interested in who Mary Ann's parents were.  I have found very little information on Mary Ann, aside from what I've included here.  My one and only source lists Joshua SIKES (1779 - ?) as her father, and Margaret WOOD (1783 - ?) as her mother,  but I'm not confident that this information is correct.
Thanks so much for any help.
Cheryl McDANIEL, 3913 NE 199th St., Lake Forest Park, WA  98155

e-31 Dec 2007

     I am searching for information on Jonathan SIKES, died between 1810-1820, married to Mahala born 1774-after 1850 in North Carolina (I do not have a surname for her).   Mahala was widowed in 1820, remarried (do not have her new name), she was shown in 1840 in Pike County Alabama and 1850 in Barbour County Alabama.   Their children were (1) John W. SIKES born in North Carolina 1803,  died in Choctaw County Alabama after 1870, (2) William SIKES born 1798-1863, and (3) Richard Sikes born 1804-1872. 

My great grandfather was John W. SIKES born1803 in North Carolina, married Susan BROOKS born 1822 in South Carolina.

My grandfather was Andrew Jackson SIKES born 01-02-1853, died 02-04-1938 in Choctaw County Alabama. 

My father was Jackson Monroe SIKES born 10-25-1882 Choctaw County Alabama, died 08-10-1981 in Choctaw County Alabama. 

I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Adron SIKES, 21457 Co. Rd. 34, St. Stephens, AL  36569

e- 19 Dec 2007

I'm looking for information regarding Stephen Thomas SIKES b: 1846 in NC, m: Narcissa Ann BUTLER, d: 14 May 1909 in Houston, TX.  I believe his father was John P. SIKES b: 1805 in NC and mother was Eunice EDWARDS b: 1812.  I cannot seem to find anything beyond John P. SIKES.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Debra ZARNOW, 1830 Ridge Ave, #202,  Evanston, IL  60201

e-  09 Dec 2007

I am interested in locating SYKES family members who share lineage with Joshua SYKES. 

Joshua SYKES was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, about 1796; was married at Calverley 28 Sep 1823 to Sarah MASON.  Sarah (MASON) SYKES was also born in 1796 in Leeds.  Joshua died in Beverley, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada 25 Sep 1874.  Sarah died 28 Dec 1878, also in Beverley, Canada.  
Joshua SYKES' death certificate indicates he was a cloth manufacturer.

They had at least two children, daughters, Alice SYKES, born 29 Oct 1827, Leeds, and Anna, born 20 March (ca 1827).    Alice SYKES married Thomas COOK and Anna SYKES married John Hutt BARNES.  Thanks in advance to respondents.
Dorothea CLYMER, 1631 Roanoke St.,  Placentia, CA  92870-2623         

   e-11 Aug 2007

If anyone has connections to SIKES families that were in Florida before 1850, please contact me via e-mail.  I have a few pages of information I have put together on Sikes in Florida before 1850 and I'd love to dialogue with anyone interested in these families.

Sincerely,  Jessie CHEEK, 6652 Kingman Trail, Tallahassee, FL 32309.            

e-22 October 2007   (Originally posted  e-20 Aug 2000)

My earliest SIKES is a John SIKES, b 1750, Edgecomb Co., NC.  Who was his wife?

They had sons Edward believed to be b ca 1774 in Bladen Co., NC; Jacob b 1770 (where?) and Joseph b ca 1792  (where?).  These brothers settled along Black Creek in an area that was originally Effingham Co, NC and later part of Screven and Bryan Counties.

Edward md. Catherine McGEE about 1795 in Bryan Co.  Was Catherine the dau of Shadrack McGEE?  Did she have a sister Nancy McGEE, who married John DUKES in 1797?

Edward and Catherine had a son Samuel SIKES who md first in 1834 Elizabeth SMITH b ca 18009 d ca 1847.  Samuel and elizabeth had 7 children: Marthy Ann, Samuel Isaac, Nathaniel, William A., Elizabeth, Rebecca C.,  and Sarah J.

Elizabeth (Smith) Sikes died and Samuel married a Lavania KENNEDY b 1825 and had 6 children:  Samuel E., Narcissus, John J., Eliza A., James, Isabel, and Lucy.

John J. Sikes b 1856, d 1944, married Mary Jane GUYNN and lived in Callahan, FL where they ran the Sikes Hotel.  He is buried in the Live Oak Cemetery in Callahan.  John and Mary Jane had 2 sons, Leon Otis and George Melville "Fred".  "Fred" b Feb, 1880, and his wife Sarah Adaline PRIEST are my great grandparents.

If anyone has a connection to this family and can share any additional information on any of this it would be appreciated.

Butch SIKES, 11639 Rodney Road, Lorman, MS  39096,

e-02 Apr 2007

      I am in search of more info dating both before and after 1865 from the same branch of the SYKES family that my great uncle Harold (see next query) is researching.  I do know that 1-2 generations after Simeon, a member of the family headed west to Oregon...although, I don't know which one.  My grandfather was Dural Alton SYKES who, I believe, was born in Tilmonok, OR.  If you would happen to have info on this, I would be very glad to hear from you!  Thanks all!

Dawn EICHTEN-QUINCY, 8040 Antioch Road, Overland Park, KS  66204                  or

 e-30 Mar 2007

     I am searching for information about Simeon SYKES and his ancestors. According to the 1851-1852 census for Windsor Township, Sherbrooke County, Canada East (Quebec) Simeon was born in Canada about 1817, is a shoe maker, of the Millerite Advent religion and is living with his in-laws Barker BAILEY (BAYLY) and Eunice CASWELL BAILEY. Lucy Bailey SYKES, Simeon's wife, and their oldest son Samuel are also on this census.

     The Simeon SYKES family, along with the BAILEY family moved to Monticello, Minnesota about 1855. On census records of Monticello, Minnesota it indicates Simeon may have been born as early as 1804 and may come from Canada, England or the New England area of the US. I have not been able to find any evidence of Simeon or his Family before the 1851-52 Canadian census. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Harold A. SYKES, PO Box 648, Donald OR 97013

e-05 Feb 2007

     Seeking information on who the parents were of Needham SIKES born 3-27-1789 in North Carolina and died 11-15-1859 in New Madrid County, Missouri.  He married Mary SHIELDS born in North Carolina and died 6-1-1852 in New Madrid County, Missouri.

     Also need any information on Jesse SIKES who died in 1817 in New Madrid County, MIssouri whose estate administrator was Lucretia SIKES.

     Also need information on Isaiah SIKES who died in New Madrid County, Missouri about 1836.  His children were Mary Ann, Needham, Perlina Jane, Drury, and Nancy.  Some of these children moved to Illinois.

Cay SIKES,  3 Bel Air Drive, Sikeston, Missouri 63801

e-12 Jan 2007

     I am looking for information on Esther SYKES (SIKES) who was the daughter of Othniel SIKES (b. Mar 16, 1732/33 Springfield, MA) and Zeubah STILES. Can anybody tell me if information is available on who she married, where she lived, did she have children, and when did she die?

     I have information that my 5th great-grandfather Nathaniel BOWEN (b abt 1762) married an Ester SYKES. There is unsubstantiated information that I have not seen that indicated that Esther’s parents were Otniel and "Azubah".   Thank You .

Michael BENOIT, 12734 SE 163rd St, Renton, WA   

e- 26 October 2006

      I am researching the family of Uri and Hannah (SIKES) BROOKS.  The information that I have about Hannah is that she is the daughter of Joseph SIKES (b: 31 Mar 1715) and Hannah WRIGHT.  It is my understanding that Uri and Hannah BROOKS moved to New York about the same time as her father, Joseph, and her brothers Nathan and Noah SIKES. 
     Then, at some point before 1810, I believe that Uri BROOKS moved with his family, not sure about Hannah (SIKES) BROOKS, to East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. 
     I think Uri and Hannah BROOKS had a daughter, Hannah.  I believe that this Hannah BROOKS married Berry LIVELY in Louisiana.  They had a son, Edwin Meredith LIVELY who is my ggg-grandfather.
      I am wondering if anyone might have previously researched this family, and may have some documented proof of what I am thinking.  I would be happy to share my information once I get it documented.  Perhaps, someone will have some documented information. 
Thank you for your help.

Nancy FEDERICO, 20 Cooper Lane, Stafford Springs, CT  06076

e- 07 Aug 2006
     Seeking information on Joseph SIKES (probably 1743-1801) who was a gravestone carver in Massachusetts and Maine. I would also like to know where his carvings are located anywhere in Maine. Thanks.

Elizabeth OATLEY,185 Chute Rd.,  Windham, ME  04062

e- 06 April 2006

I am interested in locating ancestors of Sarah SYKES born about 1798 and who md. Lewis TYRE 24 May1813 in Tattnall Co., GA. She died before 1860.  Sarah may have been the daughter of Dyer Clifton SYKES.  Dyer and brother, Josiah, were sons of Daniel SIKES, who was killed in 1788.

According to one source, Sarah (SIKES) TYRE was married a second time in Appling County, Georgia to Jacob CARTER.   This marriage did not last.   On January 1, 1839 Jacob Carter placed an advertisement in the Georgia Journal newspaper stating that his wife Sally, formerly Sarah TYRE, had left him.  

In 1850 Appling Co., Ga Census, Sarah is living with youngest son, Isham TYRE. Sarah's brother in law, Jackson TYRE m. Mary SYKES.   Mary was born about 1825. Any help is greatly appreciated.

L J TYRE, 2720 W. Violet St., Tampa, FL 33614

e- 28 Mar 2006

      I have spent years trying to locate a James SYKES born abt 1821/22, we think.    He was stated to be 75 years of age when he died in Tasmania, but as Jane, his wife could not read or write, we are not sure of the accuracy.   He died in March 1897.   

     Family hearsay is that he was English and married in Tas in 1860 to Jane ROFFEY.   We do not know where he came from, but if anyone has a SYKES who vanished from their tree between
1822 and 1860 ????

Lynne HOGGETT, 5 McKinly Street,  Midway Point, Tasmania  7171

 e- 10 Mar 2006

      Looking for additional information and family for Noah SYKES/SIKES, born 3 Sep. 1835.  He died by drowning in the Mississippi River 16 Apr. 1853.   He is buried in the Preston Cemetery, Jackson Co., IA.  I have a William SIKES family in Jackson Co., IA but haven't been able to link him with this family.  Thank you!

Pat JUON, 2209 350th Street, Stanhope, IA 50246-7518     

e-18 Feb 2006

     I am trying to find solid information on my 3rd great grandfather Howell SIKES (born 1785, in Northampton, NC).  Who are his direct SIKES?
     I have tried to follow many leads, but I haven't found anything concrete.  Howell is a unique name; Arthur Sikes, brother of Samson, names his son William Howell, but I cannot tie them together.  Also in question is exactly when and where Howell SIKES died and is buried.     I would appreciate any and all information on this line of SIKES. 

     If I can narrow it down a little, I probably will pursue the DNA testing as promoted on this Family Site.

Robert SIKES,  P.O. Box 1241, Elizabeth, CO  80107

e-07 Jan 2006

     Sarah SYKES b. 1790 d. 4 June 1862 at Oak Farm, Lingards, Yorkshire was married on 8 Aug 1808 to John SHAW b. 1782, Lingards and died 17 Nov 1857 at Oak Farm, Lingards, Yorkshire.  Sarah could be the Sarah, daughter of Thomas SYKES of Cawseyfoot Lingards who was baptised at Slaithwaite Chapel in 1790.     Or she could be the Sarah, daughter of James SYKES of Linthwaite who was baptised at Slaithwiate Chapel in 1790.   Sarah named her 2nd son Thomas and her 5th son James.

     Anyone have any information that could help me sort this out:?

Carol J. Holton RIGGLE, 12995 Morris Trail, Colorado Springs, CO 80908-3232

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