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Silvanus Sikes - a.k.a. Sylvanus Sykes

These details from the life of Silvanus Sikes were originally published in The Tributaries, Volume 12, #1, January, 2003.

Silvanus Sikes   a.k.a. Sylvanus Sykes

Brian Edgerton has a collection of papers that once belonged to Silvanus Sikes.  He has made digital images of many of these documents and has agreed to share them with our readers.  Following is a transcription of a Title transfer from Hannah Harvy to Silvanus Sikes and Lyman Sikes dated Sept 21 1826.  Every effort was made to assure accuracy of spelling as it appeared in the document.  Unreadable areas are shown by underline and items in parentheses are your editor's notes.

... presents that Hannah Harvey in the Town of ____dam County of St.  ____rance (Lawrance?) & sate of New york do for & in consideration ___ (of) three hundred & thirty three dollars to me paid before the Delivery hereof by Silvanus Sikes & Lyman Sikes of Dorset in the County of Bennington & state of ____ (Vermont) the receit whereof I the said Hannah _____ (Harvey) by these presents give grant bargin sell ____ (Herein?) Convey ___ (and) Confirm unto the said Silvanus & Lyman all the n____ Estate which our honored father Silvanus Sikes  ____s in his possession of at his disseast in the said Town of Dorset - - - To have and to hold the above sd (said) granted and bargained premises to them the sd Silvanus & Lyman & to their heirs &
assigns forever against all the Lawful Claims and demands of any person or persons with all the privileges and appurtences thereunto belonging and I the said Hannah do by these presents Covenant to warrant and defend the above bargained ____miles to them for ever against all the Lawful Claims & demands of any Person or Persons claiming the same or any part thereof from
or under me or heirs executors or adminastrators in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal ---- ---- ---- ----
this 21st day of September A.D. 1826
in Presents of
Simeon Sikes                Hannah Harvy
Lavinia Sikes

Bennington County This 22nd day of September Sept 1826 Personally appeared Hannah Harvy
& ackowledged the above written instrument to be her voluntary act and deed ---- ----
before me ---- ---- Reuben H. Blackman, Justice Peace

The following is a deed from Sylvanus Sykes to Ira Sykes dated 1840.

Know all Men by these presents, that
that I Silvanus Sykes of Dorset in the County of Bennington and State of Vermont for the consideration of the sum of Seven hundred & twenty-six Dollars paid to my full satisfaction, by Ira Sykes of Dorset in the County of Bennington and State of Vermont have, and by these presents do freely give, grant, sell, convey and confirm unto the said Ira Sykes ---- ---- his heirs and assigns forever, a certain piece of land lying and being in Dorset in the County of Bennington and State of Vermont described as follows, viz: – Beginning at the ___thwest Side of the highway then u_ 30º S 24 Rods then So 30º ___(R)ods then west 30º (torn crease in paper)
N 30º ___ Rods thence on the high ___ (way) N 35º ____ __________
bounds containing 67 acres 89 Rods also one other pi(tear)ce (Piece) containing fifty acres and Bounded as follows with beginning at the Southeasterly Corner of the above described ____ (Land) thence S 60º W 104 Rods to a stake & stones thence S 34º E 80 Rods to a stake and stones thence N 60º E 104 Rods to a stake and stones thence N 30º W 80 Rods to the __ (B)ounds began at containing fifty acres with allowances for highways also one other piece of Land Lying in Dorset & bounded as follows beginning at the South easterly corner of David
Dodges Land then S 60º w 78 Rods thence S 30º E ___(1)6Rods thence N 60º E 78 Rods thence N 30º W 16 Rods to the boun__(ds) about four acres.

The lower portion of this document has been torn away due to the age of the paper, but a bit turned up at the bottom revealed a portion of the named – ‟us Sykes”

(Another document which Brian lists as a promissory note from Ira to Silvanus is probably, in fact, the lower portion of the above transcribed document.  It reads:

for myself and my heirs, executors and administrators, _____ with the said Ira Sykes his heirs and assigns that until the ___sealing of these present; I am the sold owner of the premises, and that they are free from every incumbrance: and that I hereby engage to Warrant and defend the same against all lawful claim whatsoever
Now the condition of the above obligation is such that I am to pay five promissory notes to Silvanus Sykes of one hundred and forty five Dollars and twenty cents each and signed by Ira Sykes all bearing date May 1st 1840 with interest from date the first note payable in six months from date the second in Oct 1841 the third in Oct 1842 the fourth in Oct 1843 the fifth in Oct 1844 then this obligation to be null and void otherwise to ____ ______
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 1st day of May the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of
Lavinia Sikes                Silvanus Sikes
Alexr Bliss

State of Vermont       at Dorset this first day of May 1840
Bennington County    A.D. 1840   Sylvanus Sykes personally appeared, and
            acknowledged this iustrument(*), by him sealed and subscribed
            to be his free act and deed.
            Before me,
            (signed) Alexr Bliss, Justice Peace.
(*) This word was preprinted on the document form with this spelling.

Record of marriage of Norman Sykes and Nancy Mariah Basset

To all whom it      }    Be it known that
May Concern      }    Mr. Norman Sikes
            having obtained licenses from the Clerk of the court of Common
Please of Huron Co., Ohio, in Accordance with an act of the Legislature of Said State regulating Marriages – For his union with Miss Nancy M. Bassett in Marriage –
    That they were united in holy Wedlock on the 13th day of Sept. Inst. 1843 by me, a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, of the Regular Baptist Denomination; & Pastor of the Church of Ridgefield, Monroeville Huron Co., Ohio – Wm White.

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