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Chair Photos - Page 11

updated 07 March 2011

We enjoy hearing from you and sharing with you the interesting pieces that were built by The Sikes Chair Company.

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Mark C Steeley writes:
    Hello I wanted to add to your collection some pictures of a Sikes chair I happened upon, being left out for the trash in 2001. I was very excited to see it sitting there, not knowing then how old or beautiful it really was. It had been painted over with a grayish green paint and the casters replaced with some shiny chrome wheels.
    During refinishing I saw the wonderful quarter sawn wood grain coming out and the Sikes Philadelphia emblem on the back. It was easy to see this chair was made with a lot of skill, care and craftsmanship. I am thankful to have been able to own such a fine piece of furniture. Thank you, Sikes "past" for the chair, and Sikes now for this helpful web site.   

       My deceased father left my son his Sikes Company Chair, Philadelphia.   The Chair was owned by David Edmund Barkhouse, Upper Burlington, Hants County,
Nova Scotia, Canada.  He purchased it at an auction in 1933.  He left it to his grandson, Stephen E. Rafuse, Dartmouth, NS when he died in 1975.
    It was refinished professionally in 2007.  In the "before refinishing" picture, the design on the middle bar on the back is at the top.  In the "after" picture, they had taken the chair all apart to glue, etc. you will find the design mistakenly at the bottom of the bar on back of chair.  Just a matter of interest, maybe.
    This is all I know about it.  If you know any background of the company, I would appreciate knowing about it.  I wonder how the chair got to Canada.
D. Rafuse,  Dartmouth, NS Canada

     Hello,  Please find attached photos of a Sikes chair that may not currently be pictured on your web site.  This chair came from a monastery located on the Hudson River in New York State.

Charles van Wagenen

     I found these 4 chairs in very good condition at an estate sale several years ago.  The tag on bottom of chair: Sikes Chair Company Buffalo NY Pattern 4024. I noticed some on your site very similar but with   arms.                                   

C. Medina
Rochester NY

Fortunately for me and this chair, I saved it from a curbside the day before the garbage men come.  The homeowner pulled into the driveway as I was putting the chair into my car as quickly as possible.  He called out to me: "Take care of it."  To which I replied: "I'll give it a good home!"  It has a partial sticker on the bottom that let me know it's from the Sikes Chair Company - Buffalo Branch.  I can not make out the number.  It is in wonderful condition considering could be pre civil war.  It has the same style back as the chair on your chairs page 6 on the top middle, except it has beautiful inlaid wood designs on the back piece.  Since it is from the Buffalo Branch, it must be from between 1859 and 1929.

The history of the Chair on your page 6 could put this one to the 1860's.  I love it!   And I'll take very good care if it!!

If anyone has info about this chair, send me email at:

Thanks! Mary Cripps

I picked up a pair of chairs at a local sale with a label showing that they were made by the Sikes Company in Philadelphia, and carrying a production number. The wood is walnut or some other dark hardwood, and the top is wrapped in a tan-beige leather and fastened with brass tacks.

Could you tell me anything about this chair, and are these of value to a collector? Thank you.

Roger Mola, Arlington, VA



I just discovered a piece of Sikes.  It is a wicker topped stool about 15" x 20" and 19" high.  There is a Sikes Chair Buffalo sticker on it with the number: 1020.  We are in the house my Grandparents bought in 1917.  This is a piece that has been in the house unnoticed.  Can anyone give me any information?
C. A. Maslin

I was going to my sister's in the North Beach District of San Francisco when I happened across a Sikes office chair in the alley by a garbage can behind some law offices.  Not usually one to pick up trash off the street, I took it home with me because the wood seemed to be in descent condition.  Additionally the spring on the chair which lets it rock back and forth seemed to be in excellent condition.  I've been sitting on it for a year now and am amazed at how great it is.  I haven't done much to it, except dust it and I sanded off a white sticker that had no writing on it on the seat.  There are two markers on identifying it.  One being a Sikes Philadelphia USA metal sign on the spring  and another on the back stating "The Desk Exchange California St. San Francisco." It is in great condition and I am amazed at how comfortable it is.  Someday I hope to have it refinished, since it is helping me stay comfortable through school.  I at least owe it that.  I found this site and noticed a few similar chairs and was delighted to learn a little history, as I am a college student studying anthropology.  I guess you could call it my interest urban archaeology or the study of material culture.   Name Removed by request.

Hello, I picked up a Sikes chair in White Rock New Mexico. Its a swivel chair and seems to be working fine. The seat has a crack on it but the swivel,casters,and finish are in good shape. An aluminum stamp # 576 is in place a the bottom of the chair as well as the bronze Sikes Tag. can you give me any more info on my new chair?

I have a set of 6 Sikes chairs just like the chair inquiry from Bryan & Kristy Hidenfelter, page 9, last photo.  Two are arm chairs like the Hidenfelter’s, and the other four are without arms.  The label information is not legible unfortunately so I cannot provide any more details than they already have.  I purchased the six chairs as a set with an maple drop leaf table that is not a Sikes product.  The dealer bought everything from an estate sale in southern Arkansas.  Other than that, all I know is that I am in love with these chairs and so happy to find just a little something about them here.  Like the Hidenfelter’s I would most appreciate any info, especially the time period they were made.   
Sherri Fullerton,  Springfield, MO

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