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The Sikes & Sykes Surname DNA Project

        The goal of this project is to help Sikes and Sykes family researchers locate common ancestors.   This will be accomplished by providing Y-Chromosome DNA evidence of individual family lines to compare with other families who also have a common Sykes ancestor.

        If you are interested in participating in the Sikes / Sykes Surname DNA Project, please visit Family Tree DNA at this web site.

        From the Family Tree DNA main page,  go to the Surname Project page.  Enter the name Sykes in the search box on the upper right corner of the screen. On the "search results" page, click on the highlighted surname, Sykes, to get project information.

        We are recommending the 25 Marker Y-Chromosome test. Family Tree DNA calls it Y-DNA25 -- Male 25 Marker Paternal test.   You must join the Family Tree DNA Sykes Surname Project to get the reduced testing fees and to be able to order the 25 marker test.

        The Project Administrator should be given your test number along with the name, birth year and location of your three earliest generations of Sykes/Sikes ancestors. This information will be added to the Test Results Chart.

        Your identity will remain anonymous to all but the project administrator who will have a master list of persons associated with the test numbers.

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Report by the American Society of Human Genetics:
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Forum Article -- Trends in Genetics Vol. 17 No. 6, June 2001
"In the name of the father: surnames and genetics",
by Mark A Jobling

An article  "With Regard to....  DNA" by Jerry Sikes, RRP/CHA

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