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Residents of Dorset, VT

Ancestral Homes & Churches        Zenas Sykes Family              Residents of Dorset, VT            More Portraits      Coming soon -- Maple Hill Cemetery Headstones

Photos on this page were found in an album at the Dorset (Vermont) Historical Society.
It is believed the ablum once belong to Louise Sykes.  Click on each "thumbnail" image for a larger view.
Israel Newton Sykes
20 Oct 1805 - 
15 Mar 1895
Diana GILBERT Sykes
11 Jul 1809 -
14 Aug 1894
wife of I. Newton Sykes
Gertrude Sykes
07 Nov 1832
dau of I Newton Sykes 
Gilbert Mortier Sykes
20 Nov 1834 -
28 Dec 1920
son of I Newton Sykes
Asaph Kirk Sykes
02 Oct 1835
son of I Newton Sykes
Sarah Buckley, Wife
of Kirk Sykes
Anna G. Sykes
12 Dec 1867
daughter of G. M. Sykes
Louise Avery Sykes
Bernard G Sykes - 1889 Louise Sykes - 1889
Henry Sykes Anna Pratt, wife of 
Henry Sykes
Rollin Sykes,
ca 1836 - ?
Mary E "Minnie" Preble,
wife of Rollin Sykes
Aurelius Sykes
12 Dec 1847
son of I Newton Sykes
Ella C. Avery, wife of
Aurelius, Sykes

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